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RESCHEDULE: "Understanding by Design"-- ITA lecture with Quinn Cruz

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RESCHEDULE: "Understanding by Design"-- ITA lecture with Quinn Cruz
by Quinn Cruz - Thursday, July 26, 2018, 7:21 AM


My apologies for having to reschedule my lecture this morning due to illness. "Understanding by Design," which was set for this morning July 26th will now be scheduled for Tuesday July 31st at 3:00 pm CST.  The schedule for all other lectures next week remains the same, and can be referenced below.  Feel free to email me if you have any further questions at


Quinn Cruz

Monday July 30th @ 10:30 am CST

"Meaningful Assessment"-- with Instructor  Quinn Cruz

One of the most important tasks of the EFL teacher is the oftentimes behind the scenes work of creating assessments and providing students with feedback--what we sometimes refer to as "grading." Unfortunately in the field of education, a teacher's energy and time can often be balanced more heavily on the in-class lessons, leaving the development of assessments in the back seat. In this lecture I hope to expand upon the variety of assessment types that teachers can use in order to meet the needs of a diverse group of students, and to instill a sense of great value, for both students and teachers,  that comes with the work of implementing well thought out assessments.  

Tuesday July 31st 3:00 pm CST

"Understanding by Design"-- ITA lecture with Quinn Cruz

The most prominent and current unit planning method, developed by the research of Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins, sets up a format in which the design begins with the end.  As you consider your mid-semester lesson plan, and your end of course thematic unit, this lecture will provide you with the background of the McTighe and Wiggin's research, in addition to practical concepts for creating an EFL unit or course plan that truly meets the real world needs of students who hope to use the language for a particular purpose.  

 Wednesday August 1st @ 10:30am

"Writing to Learn"--ITA lecture with Quinn Cruz

Not every language student needs to learn how to write a formal essay in English, depending on their personal learning goals and future needs.  However, the written component of any language is an important aspect to include in a complete language course that includes the four key skill components: listening, speaking, reading, and, of course, writing.  In this lecture, I will share about how writing can be more than a formal academic task, but also, a tool to elicit language production, and medium for engaging students in a multi-faceted approach.  Join me on Thursday April 12th @ 10:30am CST to hear about the importance of writing in the classroom and strategies for using writing, but perhaps not in the traditional way that you initially would think.