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TEFL Assessment Strategis for Classroom Management--LIVE LECTURE

TEFL Assessment Strategis for Classroom Management--LIVE LECTURE

by Quinn Cruz -
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I am excited to invite you to attend the following live lecture on Sunday, December  20th at 11:30 am CST.

                 "TEFL Assessment Strategies for Classroom Management"                        


One of the most important tasks of the EFL teacher is the oftentimes behind the scenes work of creating assessments and providing students with feedback--what we sometimes refer to as "grading." Unfortunately in the field of education, a teacher's energy and time can often be balanced more heavily on the in-class lessons, leaving the development of assessments in the back seat. In this lecture, I hope to expand upon how using a variety of assessment types is an effective classroom management tool that teachers can use in order to meet the needs of a diverse group of students and to instill a sense of great value, for both students and teachers,  that comes with the work of implementing well thought out assessments.

 Please join me using the link above. Also, email me before or after if you have any questions or would like the link to the lecture after it is recorded:

Quinn Cruz