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Writing to Learn Techniques for Skill Building Live Lecture

Writing to Learn Techniques for Skill Building Live Lecture

by Quinn Cruz -
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I am excited to invite you to attend the following live lecture this weekend:

"Writing to Learn: Techniques for Skill Building"

Sunday February 21st @ 11:30 am CST:

Not every language student needs to learn how to write a formal essay in English, depending on their personal learning goals and future needs.  However, the written component of any language is an important aspect to include in a complete language course that includes the four key skill components: listening, speaking, reading, and, of course, writing.  In this lecture, I will share how writing can be more than a formal academic task, but also, a tool to elicit language production, and a medium for engaging students in a multi-faceted approach. If you would like to hear about the importance of writing in the classroom and strategies for using writing, but perhaps not in the traditional way that you initially would think, then this lecture is for you.

Feel free to email me ahead of time if you have questions or would like the link to the recording afterward


Quinn Cruz