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Lesson and Unit Planning Live Lecture Friday April 30th

Lesson and Unit Planning Live Lecture Friday April 30th

by Quinn Cruz -
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I'm excited to invite you to the following live lecture this week:

Lesson and Unit Planning

Friday, April 30th @ 12:30 pm CST

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One of the most current unit planning methods, developed by the research of Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins, sets up a format in which the design begins with the end.  As you consider your mid-semester lesson plan for chapters 5 and 6, and your end of course thematic unit, this lecture will provide you with the background of McTighe and Wiggin's research, in addition to practical concepts for creating an EFL unit or lesson plan that truly meets the real-world needs of students who hope to use the language for a particular purpose.  

Please join me by using the provided link (above).  Also, you are welcome to listen to a recording of the presentation after it is completed if you're unable to attend.  Feel free to get in touch this week if you have questions beforehand, as well.

Hope to see you there!


Quinn Cruz