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Preparing the Thematic Unit - 4/28 at 4pm CST

Preparing the Thematic Unit - 4/28 at 4pm CST

by Amanda Hilliard -
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Hello TEFL Trainees,

If you're starting to prepare your thematic unit and need some guidance, join me for a live lecture tomorrow, April 28th at 4pm with this linkHere's a description of the lecture:

 Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of planning an entire week of PPP lessons with clear objectives, good materials, and an appropriate sequence of activities? Then this lecture is for you! In this lecture, we will review the PPP lesson plan structure, objectives, and appropriate classroom materials along with example activities to address all four skills in your class. You'll leave the lecture prepared to tackle the final course project. 

 Hope to see you there!

- Amanda Hilliard