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Increasing Student Talking Time, May 26th @ 3:30pm

Increasing Student Talking Time, May 26th @ 3:30pm

by Amanda Hilliard -
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Hello TEFL Trainees,

If you want some tips for increasing student talking time and creating a student-centered classroom, join me for a live lecture this afternoon at 3:30 with this link. Here's a description of the lecture:

 We all know that too much teacher talking time is not part of a student-centered classroom, but how can we encourage our students to talk more in class? In this lecture, we will look at ways to increase student talking time before, during, and after a class activity. We will also look at ways to let students "take over" tasks traditionally done by teachers to allow them to practice more English. This lecture is designed to accompany Ch. 2, but can be attended by students in any week of the course.

 Hope to see you there!

- Amanda Hilliard