Live Lecture and Webinar Reminders

May 3rd Webinar Lecture on TEFL 101

Sam Bandy
May 3rd Webinar Lecture on TEFL 101
by Sam Bandy - Saturday, May 3, 2014, 5:55 PM

I (Sam Bandy) wanted to thank everyone that was able to attend the lecture today. For those of you who were unable to make it, I have pasted the streaming link to the lecture below. I have included links to the materials I referenced. I have also attached the agenda and additional supplemental links to this email for your review. Please feel free to email Sam Bandy at with any questions related to the lecture. 

Link to Streaming Recording


Outline of WebEx - What it means to be a TEFL/TESOL Teacher – Sam Bandy
1) What it means to be a teacher.

A) Role of a teacher.

1)    Used during lecture

2)    Used portions during lecture

3)    Supplement to review after the lecture

4)    Supplement to review after the lecture

B) Professionalism.

5)    Supplement about teaching profession

C) Other important points.

2) Planning for your classes.

6)    Lesson planning basics

7)    Supplement some basics when thinking about planning for class

8)    Supplement additional topics in lesson planning

9)    Supplement constructivist Learning Theory

10) Supplement ELT Learning Theory

3) Organizing your time.

4) What to do if you run out of resources or cannot find classroom materials.

11) Supplement on using resources from the internet

12) Supplement on finding pictures

5) What to do with one book or no book. 

6) What to expect when teaching - Expectations and Perceptions.

13) Used: New Teacher Expectations

7) Look for a mentor.

14) Used: New Teacher Toolkit

15) Supplement: Information on mentors

8) Deciding on what type of school you want to work at.


9) Choosing a country to teach in.

10) Things to consider when moving between countries. 

Links to reference/Useful Websites (Copy and paste the links below into your web browser)