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Immediate Feedback

Feedback provided at the moment something is uttered by a student, which has the benefit of directing student attention to an utterance right after it is spoken.

Entry link: Immediate Feedback

Indo-European Language Family

A language family of mostly European languages that consists of 10 main branches. English derives from one of the main branches, the Germanic branch. 

Entry link: Indo-European Language Family

Inflectional Morpheme

A morpheme added to a word without changing the word’s part of speech.

Entry link: Inflectional Morpheme

Information Gap Activity

An activity in which one student knows something that the other doesn’t. Usually, students work in pairs and are given two worksheets with some information missing in worksheet A but present on worksheet B, and vice versa. Such gaps of information between learners give them a need and desire to communicate with each other.
Entry link: Information Gap Activity

Intensive Reading

Reading for details, such as vocabulary, main idea, inferences, and author’s tone and purpose.

Entry link: Intensive Reading

Intesive Listening

Listening with a specific purpose in mind (i.e., listening for details and selective information).
Entry link: Intesive Listening


The musical patterns of speech, either raising (e.g., in yes/no questions) or falling (e.g., in statements and wh-questions).

Entry link: Intonation

Intrinsic Motivation

Motivation in learning that comes from within.
Entry link: Intrinsic Motivation


International Phonetic Alphabet. A Latin-alphabet based system of phonetic notation devised to help standardize representation of the sounds of spoken language.

Entry link: IPA



A classroom activity involving different groups of students reading or listening to different content. When they join together as a group, they report back and compare what they have learned in order to fully understand each part of the activity.
Entry link: Jigsaw

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