Need Help?

Frequently Asked Questions

The Student Affairs Department can assist you with the following topics:

      • Course Book
      • Evaluations - Mid-Course and Final Course Evaluations
      • Job Search Guidance
      • Practicum Questions and Assistance
      • Resume and Cover Letter Assistance and/or Review
      • Technical Assistance with Moodle and your Course
      • TEFL Certificate
      • Transferring to Another Course
      • Withdrawing From your Course
Contact your Course Instructor for help with the following.  Contact information for your instructor can be found in  your class:
      • Course Chats/Office Hours
      • Course Work
      • Grades
      • Lectures
      • Peer Participation 
      • Quizzes
      • Tasks and Assignments
      • Thematic Unit

If you are not an enrolled International TEFL Academy student, please contact International TEFL Academy to learn more about our TEFL Certification options.

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